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About Us

The Rocks Push makes perfect Australian board shorts for boys and men.  Designed in Sydney and made from recycled fishing nets salvaged from our oceans, our Australian board shorts are printed with limited edition artwork and perform on and off the beach.

We are passionate about our oceans.  We have a deep love for beautiful things.  We breathe colour, we focus on fit, we strive to make things that perform effortless and make our spontaneous summer living, easy.

Founded seven years ago, we have chiselled our range into four simple styles for men that suit different body shapes and occasions and one classic style for boys.  Crafted with double stitching for rugged wear, flat seams for comfort and adjustable options for big waves, we include waterproof wallets with our board shorts and recycled fabric carry bags for easy packing.

We have recently added our best selling mens linen shirts, cotton towels and boys rash vests.

We are proud to partner with the Australian Marine Conservation Society each season and donate all profits from one print to saving our Great Barrier Reef from industrialisation.

Being by the beach every day is a reminder of the beauty around us, and it’s our inspiration.  We are a coastal people and in Sydney, we live and breathe the salty sea air.  Australia is the biggest island in the world and we are deeply attached to our beaches, be they long and deserted and rugged or small and sheltered and bodies covering every inch of sand.

Our name, The Rocks Push, comes from an infamous Sydney gang who ruled our young colony in the late 1800’s and who were the best dressed baddies in town.  We name our swim shorts after our favourite beaches.

Australian board shorts, for boys big and small, for your pleasure and for our planet.

Here are our mens board shorts and our boys board shorts and shop our family prints.

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